Monday, May 17, 2010

Meet McClure's Pickles

We love everything about McClure’s pickles!

Let’s start with the fact that their recipe has been passed through the generations from Great Grandmother Lala.

Learning their craft from both their Grandfather and Father, the McClure brothers use local produce whenever possible and whenever it’s in season. As a second best alternative, either Joe or Bob calls the farmers and to converse about getting the best, freshest produce around.

From there, the cucumbers are hand sliced and the jars are hand packed.

We also thought you’d want to know that their labels (composed of soy and vegetable based inks) are printed on a rolling press run by wind-powered electricity.

Now that’s cool.

Oh, did we forget to mention how darned irresistible their pickles are????

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  1. McClure's Pickles are food of the gods. They are the most amazing pickled food I have ever tried. Just as an added bonus, the mom of aforementioned McClure brothers is the nicest woman I have ever met. We love her and we love their pickles!!

    Sherry from: