Saturday, May 22, 2010

Got to Love Evergreen Lane Farm.

Have you ever been around baby goats?

Each spring, when I visit Evergreen Lane Farm in Fennville, I seriously contemplate scooping up one the adorable kids so I can put her in the backseat of my Jetta.

So far, I’ve resisted.

However, there’s no resisting the artisan cheeses handcrafted by Cathy Halisnki.

Let’s start with the chèvre: it’s fresh, snowy white, soft, easy to spread, and has a mild goat flavor. Caution…addiction is possible.

When I first sampled Cathy’s Pyramid Pointe soft-ripened cheese, I found (another) new

favorite. It has a distinctive pyramid shape and natural rind that’s blackened with ash. The flavor becomes more pronounced as it ages, and it’s fabulous at any stage.

If you prefer cow’s milk cheeses, Evergreen Lane Creamery makes some of the best. La Mancha MOO! is an outstanding camembert. Poet’s Tomme is a raw milk cheese made with The Poet stout from New Holland Brewing.

By: Micheal Shaw