Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What is Ethical Eating?

What is ETHICAL EATING? Is it the difference between organics and non-organics, choosing not to eat meat, buying from only local suppliers or is it as simple as knowing the name of the cow that is now your dinner? Alan Richman a food writer for various publications including GQ magazine presents an interesting and detailed story on what it means to eat ethically in the July issue of GQ, titled “Eat no Evil”.

If you do not feel like reading the entire article here are Alan Richman’s 10 Commandments of Ethical Eating:

1. If you have to eat in a hurry, eat a salad, difficult as that might be.

2. Food wrapped in plastic or Styrofoam is ethical only if you’re an astronaut.

3. Know how the animal you eat was raised. You can lead an unexamined life but your food cannot.

4. Transform your front lawn into a garden. (Be prepared for your neighbors to consider you a fruitcake; or worse a European.)

5. Unless your mom cooks from scratch, she has no business telling you what to eat.

6. No body's health ever declined from eating unadvertised products.

7. Consider vegans a waring sign of ethical eating run amok.

8. Buying eleven-grain bread instead of seven grain bread does not make you a better person.

9. The $4.99 all-you-can-eat pancakes special at IHOP is not an ethical meal, even without bacon.

10. If you have to eat in airports, don’t. (but you already knew that.)