Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grill IT!

This is so easy.

Shuck the corn
Brush on Zoye Oil  Zoye is healthier than olive oil, has higher temperature tolerance (won't burn or flame the grill), and is made in Zeeland, Mi. 
Sprinkle on the Tuscan Blend Spice Mix  You can get this from us or the Spice Merchant downtown Saugatuck. (Tuscan Blend is also great for mixing with oil and using it for dipping Seedy Salt Bread or Ciabatta.)
Grill IT  until corn looks like the picture.

You can thank cookie lady Renea for this one. 


  1. What is the definition of the word Zoye in Zoye oil?

  2. Zoye is the brand of soy oil that we sell.