Saturday, April 25, 2009

Article in the Commercial Record

Douglas Summertime Market planned
By Scott Sullivan

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 2:38 PM EDT

A 1930’s landmark Douglas gas station that has since been a laundromat, fish market, bank, you name it ... will return this June as The Summertime Market selling fresh local produce, meats and more.

Andrew Milauckas, set to win a bachelor of fine arts degree in advertising design from the Savannah College of Art & Design June 1, will return home this summer to blend edibles with aesthetics in the small-but-singular building at 176 Blue Star Highway, northwest of the Blue Star bridge.

“Our brand concept,” said Milauckas, who interned last summer with an ad firm in New York City, “is to create an environment reminiscent of a 1950’s fruit and vegetable stand ... a place that resonates, where the eggs were laid that morning and produce inventory depends on what the farmer harvested the night before.

“With the rebirth of this pastime comes a healthier and cleaner future,” Milauckas said.

The Summertime Market’s goals are to:

  •  Provide the community with high-quality, safe and healthy products.
  •  Create a mutually-beneficial relationship with local farmers and suppliers.
  •  Have a positive impact on the community and environment.
  •  Educate the community on the benefits of eating locally.
  •  Recycle, reuse and reduce waste.

    Local Providence Farms owner Mike O’Brien will sell organic meats at the market, Milauckas said. Providence employee Melissa Sax is setting up contacts with other farmers.

    “Between now and June we’re rehabbing the building (a cell-phone sales outlet in its most-recent incarnation),” said Milauckas. “Once I’m back, we will plan to be open each day till fall.”


    1 comment:

    1. Andrew,
      Katy forwarded us the email about your
      new organic fruit/meat business and we are
      so excited for you!! We hope to get an
      email for the grand opening - or something!!
      We have not been to Lake Shore Resort since
      the wedding and this will give us a new
      reason to try to come up your way! Somehow,
      your priorities shift a little - as far as
      travel/vacation plans when you have a family
      member marry and move away - most of our
      vacation/trips are to Texas right now.
      But, we were happy to read all about your
      new store and hope that we can patronize your
      store - even if only when we are passing through or coming up to the Resort.
      We are so very proud of all that you have
      accomplished at college and very proud of you
      on your graduation. There will be a card
      coming in the mail very soon to you.
      What you are doing with the organic foods
      is amazing - I am currently reading a book
      entitled, Anticancer: A New Way of Life
      and in this book it really touts organic foods
      as a healthy and anticancerous way of life.
      So, it is great to see you opening a store
      that empowers people's good health and at the
      same time sells wonderful produce and meat!
      We are very impressed.
      Best of luck to you with the store and
      with some luck we will be up this summer to
      purchase some fruit and see your new place!!
      Talk to you soon!

      Dan and Jana