Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seedy Salt Bread!

YES! It’s true; we will have “that” bread!  Lots of you have been asking, so I’m very excited to confirm it is true.  It’s now called Salt Of The Earth, "Home of the original Seedy Salt bread" and is still be made by Mari and Chris Reijmerink.  Mari and Chirs with the help of their daughter Hazel also have an organic fruit farm called Kismet Organics.

Mari and Chris have a very interesting story. They met in the Netherlands working/volunteering at a non-profit farm that blends social outreach with outdoor activities and farm life.  When returning to the states for a visit they decided to stay, marry, and farm. Their farm is located in Fennville and started with a 50-year-old pear orchard that they spent 2 years renovating. Now they have expanded to include many fruits: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, currents, gooseberries, and heirloom tomatoes.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eaters Guild Visit

We are proud to announce Eaters Guild will be a main supplier of organic produce. They are located in Bangor and farm 40 acres that have been certified organic for over 30 years. The owners and operators are Laurie, husband Lee and daughter Iris, this year will be their 9th season as organic farmers. Many of you may already know them from the Friday morning green market in Saugatuck, or as suppliers to Journeyman restaurant in Fennville. 

Melissa and I paid them a visit last Friday afternoon to check out the farm.  If Laurie and Lee didn’t have lots of work to get done I don’t know if we would have ever left. Laurie greeted us while in one hand trying to correct a disabled chicks neck that was born the night before. She then introduced us to their new goats that they birthed earlier in the week (I think I want a pet goat).  We met Lee while Laurie gave us a tour of the 40 acres he was heading in with a huge basket greens that he just finished harvesting.  We couldn’t help but all grab a handful. Laurie and Lee are a truly amazing couple, this spring they built two new barns by hand with wood they milled themselves, quite incredible.  When Melissa and I finally left they sent us off with fresh asparagus, which was oh-so-tasty., We are hopping we can open the market in time to catch the tail end of the asparagus season.

Check out their website:

The sign goes up!

We have a sign!
Painted by Robert Krause.